Technically Speaking: Specifications

Grade Definitions

High Loft Grades (HLW):
HLW grades offer outstanding low frequency sound absorption at a low gram weight while maintaining superior high frequency sound absorption.
Tuned Scrim Grades (SC):
SC grades offers our best low frequency sound dampening while maintaining superior high frequency sound absorption.

Attachment Methods

High Volume Applications:
Ultrasonic welding, heat staking and gluing
Low Volume Applications:
Selectively placed pressure sensitive adhesive and hot melt


Grade Thickness Description
10HLW 10 mm Standard
10SC 10 mm Dual Tuned Scrim
14HLW 14 mm Standard
14SC 14 mm Dual Tuned Scrim
19HLW 19 mm Standard
19SC 19 mm Dual Tuned Scrim
25HLW 25 mm Standard
25SC 25 mm Dual Tuned Scrim

Custom Specifications

Rapid product development enables us to custom tailor performance to meet your precise absorption requirements.

Up to 50 mm
Up to 230° F (110° C)

Approved OEM Specifications

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Development Timeline

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